Training Offered

We offer group-based obedience and dog sports training.

Obedience Training
Starting with the Beginners Obedience course, we teach the handler how to train their dog using positive reinforcement.

The course covers the basics of Sit, Stand, Drop, Heel, Come when called and loose lead walking, in addition to some of the more common areas of concern such as barking, jumping, pulling, leash reactivity and boredom based behaviours.

The classes are run as a group and all dogs will remain on lead for the duration of the course which aids in building the confidence of the more timid dogs.

Our beginner's course runs for a period of 7 weeks on a Tuesday night. For further information and when the next course is commencing please check out the Events page.

Once the course is completed participants will have the option to become a member and attend all other training.

The course fee is $100.00. Please subscribe to be notified when we open up bookings.

Advanced Obedience
Obedience is held on both Tuesday nights at 7pm and Saturday Morning at 9 am for those who want to continue to work on their skills.

Competition training
For those members who wish to compete in Obedience and Rally, we run mock trials on the third Sunday of every month. This is subject to change should the proposed date fall on a trial weekend, updates are posted in the Border Bark.

Open to current members only, agility is run on Thursday nights at 7pm. Our membership requirements are detailed here.
New participants are required to attend the foundations in agility course which is to be run every 2 months starting February of every year. Bookings will be required and interest will be called for on our members facebook page