Albury and Border Kennel Club Membership

Requirements to become a member of the Albury and Border Kennel Club:

Untitled design Completion of the Basic Obedience Beginners Course, or

Untitled design A member of another Kennel Club, or

Untitled design Compete in dog sports

If you believe you satisfy the 2nd and/or 3rd point, please reach out to the club first prior to applying to join the club to discuss options available.

In order to become a member of the club, we do require that you have a basic understanding of positive reinforcement training and how a dog club runs a group class. We do understand there are local trainers who run group classes, but their structure and terminology will be different to how we run. Experience has shown us that a dog and handler team will be best set up for success if they participate in the Basic Obedience Course first, as this class will also introduce you to how future classes will work as you progress up the levels of training.

Why should you become a member of the club?

Membership of the club provides you with the opportunity to participate in all training opportunities we provide, including agility and competition development.

Basic Obedience Course

No membership is required to participate in the obedience course. If you are looking to join the course please check out the Events page for dates. Do not pay for a club membership until the course has been completed.

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