Beginners Course FAQ

This course is suitable for all dogs 12 weeks and over and all handlers 12 years and over.

The aim of this course is to help you learn and understand how to train your dog.

No, not in the traditional sense. We take dogs of all ages and over the basics of training your dog.

A class designed just for puppies will focus on topics and skills specific to puppies of a certain age.

Your puppy will benefit from our course and there is no requirement to have attended a puppy class prior to coming to our class

If we currently have a course open to take bookings, it will be on our Events page, otherwise you have to be subscribed to our mailing list.

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2 weeks prior to the class commencing, an email will be sent out to those on the mailing list to advise them they can book in. You will need to book in fast as spaces are limited and fill quickly.

We will sometimes keep a short waitlist but there is no guarantee a spot will open up.

IMPORTANT: Once you have subscribed a confirmation email will be sent, Please follow the instructions in the email, otherwise you wont be notified when bookings open. Make sure to check your spam folder

We start with the basics of how to train a dog using reward-based training in the most effective manner.

You will cover sit, down, stay, heel and loose lead walking. 

As the weeks progress your instructor will also start to teach you some tricks you can use to show how far your dog has come

All training is done in a group in a controlled setting. All beginner dogs will be on lead and space is available for those who like distance. If your dog is just a bit nervous or fearful, you can certainly give the course a go. Your instructor will let you know if it's not working out as the course goes on.

Most dogs become comfortable with the environment and structure of the class after a week or 2. 

For those dogs with severe resource guarding, dog or human aggression (ie lunging to the point the dog is almost uncontrollable and yanking you off your feet), we do recommend you seek the services of a private trainer as these issues are generally very complex and won't be solved in the 6 weeks the course will run, it will require one on one support from the trainer and the group nature of the course won't be the best environment when you start to deal with these issues. In time, yes, it will help, but not when you are just trying to solve them.


  • Our course fee is $100 for the full course. 
  • The course will run for a total of 7 weeks.
  • The classes are held on a Tuesday night from 7 pm to 8 am

We don't offer day-time courses or a course on another day/time.

Nope, no such thing as being too old for our course. As this is not a puppy-specific course, we take dogs from ages 12 weeks and over.